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TitleOccupational Therapist - (9 Months)
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TITLE:                     Occupational Therapist


QUALIFICATIONS:  Six years of experience or training in occupational therapy

                                work. Two years must have been at professional level. College

                                training may be substituted for required general experience on

                                the basis of 30 (3) sem. hrs. for 1 year of experience.

                                Graduation from an accredited school of occupational therapy

                                may be substituted for all the general and 1 year of the

                                specialized experience. 


REPORTS TO:          Administrator of Special Education


SUPERVISES:          Assigned cases


JOB GOAL:              Professional occupational therapy work involving the administration of

                               all forms of occupational therapy treatment. Treatment will be based

                               on utilization of activities calculated to encourage the physically or

                               mentally disabled patient to contribute to his own recovery. On

                               request of the patient’s physician, the occupational therapist will select

                               and direct the patient’s activities.





  1. Become familiar with program structures, classroom schedules, and students’ abilities in the St. Landry Parish Special Education classes as evidenced by referral and visitations. 
  2. Prepare and submit to the designated person, a weekly planned guide of anticipated activities. 
  3. Appraise the abilities and disabilities of referred children regularly and seek help from specialists whenever necessary. 
  4. Assist regular and special education teachers in organizing and carrying through meaningful occupational therapy programs, where possible, in the school setting. 
  5. Work directly with special education teachers and regular classroom teachers as needed. 
  6. Assist both special and regular teachers in selecting appropriate materials and supplies needed to implement an occupational therapy program. 
  7. Participate in Individual Education Plan Committee Meetings whenever requested to do so. 
  8. Assist and be thoroughly involved in workshops as requested by administrative staff. 
  9. Provide for the coordination of treatment of students with referring physicians, mental health clinics and other service agencies. 
  10. Be responsible for maintaining acceptable student discipline and safety during occupational therapy activities as evidenced by adherence to state and local regulations. 
  11. Maintain progress records on patients as evidenced by reports submitted to proper authorities and kept on file. 
  12. Report to assigned schools to find out classroom schedules and set up times for occupational therapy in the St. Landry Parish School System. 
  13. Maintain on file travel records and accurate records on patients. 
  14. Utilize all available recourses as needed. 
  15. Develop and maintain reasonable rules for care and use of materials and equipment as evidenced by good storage, periodic inspections and inventories. 
  16. Execute all policies of St. Landry Parish School Board and/or individual schools as directed by respective handbooks. 
  17. Attend in-service workshops as mandated by local policies or legislative acts as evidenced by attendance. 
  18. Participate in self-developmental activities such as active membership in professional organizations, attendance at meetings, workshops and conventions, etc., whenever possible and continuously upgrade the position of the occupational therapist as evidenced by actual participation.
  19. Promote the educational process as evidenced by the sharing of ideas and materials with other staff members. 
  20. Work in professional harmony with all contacts as evidenced by positive reports. 
  21. Use all available means to keep abreast of new trends and techniques. 
  22. Meet with students, parents, educational personnel when required or requested by evidence of availability. 
  23. Take part in Individual Education Plan Committee Meetings when requested to do so. 
  24. Prepare and give talks to civic and public organizations as requested. 
  25. Throughout the year, display concern for the vital interest of the community through special activities. 
  26. Perform all other duties and responsibilities requested by the Administrator of Special Education.
Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary RangePer Year
LocationPupil Appraisal Center

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Start Date06/21/2019

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NameAlvado WillisTitle
EmailPhone(337) 948-3646