Job Description

TITLE:  Instructional Paraprofessional (Special Ed. /Title I/ Pre-K)



         1.  Passing score on the Paraprofessional Exam or

         2.  48 semester credit hours with 6 hours in Math and 9 hours in English/Reading

              (3  of which has to be in English Comp) or

         3.  Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, or Associate of Applied Science

              degree from a state-approved or regionally accredited institution of higher




REPORTS TO:  Classroom Teacher and/or Principal




JOB GOAL:  The instructional paraprofessional will perform his/her   duties   under   the direct supervision of a teacher. The role of the instructional paraprofessional is to assist the teacher with teaching related activities. The instructional paraprofessional will assist and support the teacher by carrying out delegated activities and assignments. In addition to routine duties, the instructional paraprofessional will work in the classroom in direct involvement with children when the planning has been properly done by the teacher.



  1. The instructional paraprofessional performs routine classroom tasks with small groups and/or individual students under the planning and direction of a teacher.
  2. The instructional paraprofessional is to confer with the classroom teacher in regard to major decisions relative to the students' assignments or problems of a disciplinary nature. All conferences with parents are solely the responsibility of the classroom teacher.
  3. The instructional paraprofessional assists the classroom teacher specifically in activities related to the course of instruction; in grading students' activities related to the course of instruction; in monitoring behaviors; in distributing and collecting instructional materials; and in maintaining neatness in the classroom.
  4. The instructional paraprofessional assists the teaching staff in providing for the students' needs, including playground duty, escorting students to and from the cafeteria, gymnasium, library, vocational training area, bathroom, etc.
  5. The instructional paraprofessional is expected to attend in-service training sessions as provided. 
  6. The instructional paraprofessional is employed for the specific purpose of assisting students.
  7. The instructional paraprofessional will perform non-complex medical procedures as outlined in Louisiana R.S. 17:436 (SEE ATTACHED) or any other provision of state or federal law.
  8. Perform other duties or responsibilities not listed as delegated by the principal, Supervisor of LA 4/Title I Pre-K Director of Federal Programs, or Special Education Director in accordance with program regulations.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: This position requires bending, crouching, pushing, pulling, and carrying in excess of fifty (50) pounds for the purpose of handling and assisting students.


TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:  Nine months (Salary according to the current salary schedule.)


ACCOUNTABILITY:  Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the St. Landry Parish School Board’s policy on Evaluation for Support Services Personnel.


The Superintendent reserves the right to review, revise, update or change the job and any/all duties due to changes in job content, organizational structure, or state or federal laws.





436.  Performing noncomplex health procedures; definitions; conditions; restrictions; safety equipment, materials, and supplies

          A.  As used in this Section, the term "noncomplex health procedure" shall mean a task which is safely performed according to exact directions, with no need to alter the standard procedure, and which yields predictable results.  It shall include the following:

         (1)  Modified activities of daily living which require special instruction such as toileting/diapering, bowel/bladder training, toilet training, oral/dental hygiene, lifting/positioning, and oral feeding.

         (2)  Health maintenance procedures such as postural drainage, percussion, tracheostomy suctioning, and gastrostomy feeding and monitoring of these procedures.

         (3)  Screenings such as growth, vital signs, hearing, vision, and scoliosis.

          B.  No city or parish school board shall require any employee other than a registered nurse, licensed medical physician, or an appropriate licensed health professional to perform noncomplex health procedures until all the following conditions have been met:

          (1) A registered nurse or a licensed medical physician and, when appropriate, another licensed health professional employed by a city or parish school board, has assessed the health status of the specific child in his specific educational setting and has determined that, according to the legal standards of the respective licensed health professional performing such procedure, the procedure can be safely performed, the results are predictable, and the procedure can be delegated to someone other than a licensed health professional following documented training.

          (2) The registered nurse or the licensed medical physician and, when appropriate, another licensed health professional shall train, in his or her area of expertise, at least two such employees to perform noncomplex health procedures on the specific child in his educational setting.  The employees shall be given not less than four hours of training in the area of noncomplex health procedures.

          (3)(a)  Following the training provided for in Paragraph (2), no noncomplex health procedure, except screenings and activities of daily living such as toileting/diapering, toilet training, oral/dental hygiene, oral feeding, lifting, and positioning may be performed unless prescribed in writing by a physician licensed to practice medicine in the state of Louisiana or an adjacent state.

               (b)  The employee, other than the registered nurse, licensed medical physician, or appropriate licensed health professional shall be required to complete, under the direct supervision or coordination of a registered nurse, a minimum of three satisfactory demonstrations.  Upon satisfactory completion of these noncomplex health procedures, the registered nurse, licensed medical physician, or appropriate licensed health professional and the trainee shall sign a standard form indicating that the trainee has attained the prescribed level of competency.  A copy of this form shall be kept on file by the school system.

          (4)  Individuals who are required to perform noncomplex health procedures and have been trained according to the provisions of this Section, may not decline to perform such service at the time indicated except as exempted for reasons as noted by the licensed medical physician or registered nurse.  The reasons for such exemption shall be documented and certified by the licensed medical physician or a registered nurse within seventy-two hours.

          (5)  Any employee shall have the right to request that another school board employee be present while he or she is performing noncomplex health procedures for a student, to serve as a witness to the procedure.  After making such a request, the employee shall not be required to perform noncomplex health procedures without such a witness.

           C.  For the purposes of this Section, "employee" means any appropriate member of the education staff.

           D.  Each city and parish school board shall provide the necessary safety equipment, materials, and supplies to each employee who performs noncomplex health procedures as provided in this Section.  Such safety equipment, materials, and supplies shall include but shall not be limited to gloves, anti-bacterial soaps and wipes, paper towels, and masks.

           E.  Notwithstanding any provision of law or any rule, regulation, or policy to the contrary, no employee other than a registered nurse, licensed medical physician, an appropriate licensed health professional, or hired and trained unlicensed nursing personnel or unlicensed assistive personnel as defined by the Louisiana State Board of Nursing shall be required to perform a tracheostomy suctioning procedure on any child in an educational setting.  However, nothing in this Section shall prohibit an employee who volunteers to perform such procedure and who complies with the training and demonstration requirements as provided in Paragraphs (B)(2) and (3) of this Section from being allowed to perform such procedure on a child in an educational setting.

          F.  For purposes of this Section, "appropriate licensed health professional" shall include a licensed practical nurse.


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